Library volunteers needed - please help if you can

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Library volunteers needed - please help if you can

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I've been remiss in my responsibility to locate volunteers to help us create the library on the ORCA website. Paul Manuel and David Lehmann have been working tirelessly to create links to online content for a few weeks now and need some help. I was supposed to have done this weeks ago. There are too many library holdings for this to happen quickly with just a few people doing it.

Volunteers need not be computer experts but need to have basic computing skills and feel comfortable manipulating files. It's a lot of copying and pasting with a few windows open simultaneously.

The library materials are already uploaded and what we need is to create the organization and structure by which the files are accessed by members. With enough volunteers putting in some time we should be able to finish creating this in a few weeks.

Please help me. I've left David and Paul in a difficult position and your response may mean the difference between my life and death - or something similar but slightly less dramatic.

Please PM me with your email address and phone number and an evening time I might call to discuss what we need to get accomplished.

Thanks in advance. If 5-10 of you contact me in the next few days I may be able to look David and Paul straight in the eye again without feeling embarrassed for having (temporarily) dropped the ball.
Sid Lehr

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