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Brian F.
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New Forums

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For some that may come directly to Reel Talk because you have bookmarked it, you may not know about the two new forums. Please check out:

Cleaning and Restoration ... um.php?f=6

and Show and Tell ... um.php?f=7
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Paul M
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The original Forum names appear as links at the top of Reel Talk webpages e.g. "REEL TALK For Sale Ebay Parts is Parts". Is there a plan to add links for new forum names? It would be a bit easier to navigate the site if those links were shown on every page. There are so many amazing pictures being posted under Show and Tell, it would be a shame if somebody missed out.

Reel Geezer
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Brian is not responsible for those links. He and I discussed them when we put up the new forums, and I was supposed to add the links. As is typical of old geezers, my mind was too filled with other stuff and that job simply was lost. I will try to get those links up as soon as possible. It took me an hour to find where Paul had hid the link to the ORCA store on the top of the page when I had to change it, but maybe I can find these faster.
Thanks for the reminder.

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