Moving to a new server

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Moving to a new server

Post by Reelman »

Our hosting company is upgrading and moving us to a new server platform. I have talked to them on the phone. And they say nobody should notice any problems logging on reading and posting. And the move should take only a few hours. And your links or bookmarks will stay the same. If you do notice any problems. Please email them to me.

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Post by Reel Geezer »

Let's hope you have the same luck that the Rubber Reel Lady did with her website, and not the problems I am having with Old Fishing Stuff. They have been attempting to solve my OFS problems for about 6 weeks, and things are still not back to normal.

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Problems exist

Post by Dustnstuff »

This is the only page I can get at. All the other pages on the site are off line.
Dustnstuff :roll:

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