Roger Schulz flew into Boise on Sunday, August 12 for his annual engagement with Idaho's Snake River Smallmouth Bass.

Day One. We got a good niight's rest and then fished the river from 6:30-1:00. We motored 4 miles upstream and pulled up alongside an eddy formed at the tail of an island. I had caught 20 bass the week before in this spot. We discovered a very heavy current as the result of water released from an upstream dam. We caught a few fish, but nothing outstanding. We moved to several areas upstream with the same results. Finally we headed back downstream and noted the current was declining. The fish started feeding and some bigger fish came to try to eat our bubble gum colored Zoom Super Flukes. We nailed a very nice 18" dandy as we drifted downstream, casting to pockets in the current. We nailed several more 15-16" fish before deciding to quit as the sun was starting to really bare down. We headed for home and ribs, fresh from the garden corn on the cob, and fresh tomatoes. There were beautiful calm blue skies, but lots of smoke in the air from nearby forest fires. We had landed 36 smallmouth up to 18" for the morning. It was a good start.