Salmonfishing on Iceland

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Jacob : salmonfisher03
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Salmonfishing on Iceland

Post by Jacob : salmonfisher03 »

Just got back from 3 wonderful fishing days.
I was fishing the river Thvera on Iceland.
Only problem was that it had not been raining for a very long time, so the river was very low.

But enjoy some photos from the wonderful island Iceland :D

The Thvera river - I think I was very close to heaven, this river is a dream :bow:

Sunshine, Bogdan reel and cold beer :beer :lol:

My angling friend, our guide (the best) and me.

The guide is netting the salmon for me.

80 cm pure silver - a fresh salmon, just a few days in the river 8)

And back to the river again.

Next salmon on the fly - the guide is again ready to do his job :wink:

And another fresh salmon, this one still with sealice.

Collecting fly reels from Otto Zwarg, Edward Vom Hofe and Bogdan.

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Midway Tommy D
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Re: Salmonfishing on Iceland

Post by Midway Tommy D »

Beautiful scenery! You are truly a lucky man, Jacob, to be able to take the fishing trips you do and see the places you have seen! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. :cool
Love those Open Face Spinning Reels! (Especially ABU & ABU/Zebco)

Tom DeLong, NE
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john elder
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Re: Salmonfishing on Iceland

Post by john elder »

Fantastic, as always, Jacob! :bow:
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Re: Salmonfishing on Iceland

Post by RAM »

Thanks Jacob! Always a dream of mine to fish for salmon in Iceland.

Bad Bob

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Robin Sayler
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Re: Salmonfishing on Iceland

Post by Robin Sayler »

Great Trip Jacob!
I would like any unusual pflueger casting reels!

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Paul M
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Re: Salmonfishing on Iceland

Post by Paul M »

Inspiring pictures, Jacob. Thanks for sharing!
Paul Manuel

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Re: Salmonfishing on Iceland

Post by reeltackle »

WOW, just spectacular! Now on my list. Great fishing trip and photos, thanks Jacob.
Ed Pritchard
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