Spool restoration

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Spool restoration

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Hello all. This is my first post on ORCA. I've been reeding the posts for a few months and leaning alot. Thank you all.

I like collecting Alcedo reels, mostly Microns. I've been fishing with the one my grandfather gave me since around 1968. My question is about the fuzz that is around the spool which keeps the line from getting down below the spool. I have some spools without any fuzz left. Does anyone know of a material that can be used in its place?

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Re: Spool restoration

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Pipe cleaners.

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Re: Spool restoration

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Those smaller reels take really small diameter pipe cleaner/chenille strips to work correctly and they can be pretty tough to find. 3mm is the smallest I've been able to find so far. If anybody knows who handles something smaller I wouldn't mind knowing too. Although, :idea: maybe some of bigger fly tying chenille would work satisfactorily? Think I'll check that out. :wink:


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