Guides for spinning reel bail spring assemblies

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Guides for spinning reel bail spring assemblies

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Historically I have found replacement of spinning reel bail springs challenging. I suspect most of the guys have had the same frustrations. Is there a tool or guide, or a consensus of how to get that spring in?

I am to embarrassed to reveal the number of springs I have ruined.

Any advice on short cuts for reassembly of the bail mechanism would certainly be appreciated.

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Re: Guides for spinning reel bail spring assemblies

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Depending on the reel make, I generally try to take the bail wire loose from the bail arm and/or bail plate. On ABU & Zebco Cardinals I just remove the bail nut & roller from the bail arm and turn the bail wire a 1/4 turn. Many other brands can be done similarly. Then you can take the bail plate and arm off, change the spring(s), re-install the arm & plate, wind part of a turn for tension (you have to pull the trip lever back to wind) and re-install the roller and nut onto the bail arm. You have to tape or wedge the plunger back into the cup on some of the Italian reels to be able to wind the bail plate. And then, on some models it can get quite challenging. :bash: Patience is the key. :|

That was for the old style round springs and usually takes 5-10 minutes if you clean all the old grease & crud out. The newer style with arms on each side of the center spring O wrap are generally fairly easy to finagle into place. Hope that helps a little.


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