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Member Profile: John Peschon

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I first ran into the online ORCA forum shortly after it appeared online, and it sparked my interest in fishing reel history. I revisited periodically, and enjoyed reading the informative posts, and perusing EBAY listings throughout the mid to late 90s. Then I kinda lost touch until recently. About 4 years ago I ran accross the Alan Tani forum online, and became an active member. The Alan Tani Forum and crew gave me the confidence to start buying old reels, restoring/upgrading them, and then reselling them. Pretty soon, I graduated to repairing reels professionally. I starting a part-time reel repair buisness focusing on modern, large, offshore trolling reels (mostly 12/0&14/0 Senators and 80&130 Tiagras&Internationals) here in Hawaii, and with the help and support of the local fishing community, developed a strong sportsfishing, charter, and commercial offshore fishermen customer base. My part-time buisness has grown, and I have been servicing 100-150 reels/year here in HI for the last 3.5 years.

About a year ago, I met Mike C, Ted, Ray, Dom and a few other old Penn reel enthusiasts. After reading Mike's book(s) on Penn, I decided to start collecting. I began revisiting the ORCA reel talk forum, and became an ORCA member.

Since buying my first collectable reel, my reel collection had grown and contains mostly prewar Penns, OC, Pfluegers, and a few Mieselbachs, Coxe, trade reels, and others. I have been using my modest reel repair profits to fund my newly discovered hobby.

Personal Background:

I was born in MN and grew up fishing and hunting throughout the midwest, with occasional offshore trips with my dad and his fishing buddies to the Gulf of Mexico.

Our family moved to Bermuda for 4+ years when I was 10, and we did alot of light line offshore fishing for Pelagics where I was fortunate enough to catch a number of line class Bermuda, and world records, and foster an interest in Marine Biology.

I returned to MN, where I continued fishing, hunting, and went to college for biology with an emphasis on fish and fisheries. After college at U of M - Duluth, I worked for the Large Lakes Lake Trout Assessment group, before finding work in HI.

I have now been in Hawaii for 16 years, and have been fortunate enough to become a Fisheries Biologist for the National Marine Fisheries Service. I have been in the office for 6 years now, but spent the previous 10 in the field conducting research and helping with the management of sharks, bottomfish, monk seals, seabirds, sea turtles, and the local distant water commercial longline fleet, and bottomfishing fleet.


I look forward to getting to know more ORCA members, and continuing to grow my limited knowledge base on fishing reels and early fishing reel history.

I am particularly interested in early big game reel development, but also, saltwater reels in general, and prewar Penns, Ocean City, Pfluegers, Vom Hofes, Coxe, and anything that piques my current interest.

BTW, I try to help as many as possible over at AT, locally, and elsewhere with fishing reel repair, and restoration questions, though I admit, I am still learning myself.

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Re: Member Profile: John Peschon

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Thanks for posting your profile, John. I hope you can make it to the ORCA national next spring on the edge of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.
I always like to hear about reel collectors who fish and, in your case, have a profession tied to the ocean.
Good luck with your collection!
Richard Lodge
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Re: Member Profile: John Peschon

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yeah, John! thanks for letting us know more about you. Very fascinating life your leading! Very interesting to me. Keep up the good work, man!
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Re: Member Profile: John Peschon

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Thanks for posting your profile. I have spent a lot of time in the Duluth/Superior area where the seasons are June, July, August, and Winter. What a change it must be to live in Hawaii! Very interesting Bio!
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Re: Member Profile: John Peschon

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John, Welcome to ORCA, looking forward to seeing and hearing more about your collection and work.
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Re: Member Profile: John Peschon

Post by RAM »

Thanks John for sharing info on your work and interests. I'll be glad to try answering your Pflueger questions.

Cheers! Bad Bob (aka Bob Miller)
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Re: Member Profile: John Peschon

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Hello, John. I've spent many years traveling through your old neighborhood, then up the Gunflint to the BWCA. Walleye at night, smallies during the day - all in the wilderness. It doesn't get in better than that. I still use old Cardinals and Ambassadeurs up there and always have at least one older bamboo rod rigged up with a Nobby. Welcome back, Jim
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Re: Member Profile: John Peschon

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John: After re-reading this (I'm sure I had read it in the past) With your request from the library, I can now add 2+2 and get 4. I've been told sometimes I'm a little slow on the uptake. A belated welcome to the club. Jon
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