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So my "day job" is in the film business - primarily a writer/director- and I produce out of necessity when I have to :-)... my bio is here:

i worked my way up after graduating from Pepperdine University in Malibu to directing hundreds of music videos, worked with the Rolling Stones etc

But what I really love is VINTAGE BIG GAME TACKLE- having grown up fishing as a child in La Jolla, California, then as a teen worked my way up on the sportfishing boats out of San Diego, first as a Pin Head (Taking fish off tourists lines to scrubbing the boat- in order to fish for free) then as a Deckhand and one summer on a commercial shark fishing boat.

So when I'm stressed at work I love to hunt for tackle, especially Southern California related- KOVALOVSKY, STEAD, KLEIN, LA COXE, etc... (in Any sized for these makers) and ZANE GREY FISHING related, as well as TUNA CLUB, TYCOON, HEMINGWAY related paper and letters from various other fishing clubs around the world, Cabo Blanco, Swordfish & Mako Club (NZ) etc... i collect tackle & ephemera. My goal on ORCA is to TRADE MORE WITH ORCANS! Lets talk! Email! PM..... I'm sure we can make trades that fit in our collections, and I thank the members here who have mentored me, I love to learn, and love to talk tackle. THANKS, Daniel Zirilli
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