ORCA Online Store- What's Up With That?

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ORCA Online Store- What's Up With That?

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In the Reel News (Nov 2018 ) there is an announcement about the new ORCA Online Store. To buy books etc through the Online Store you need to set up an ORCA Store Account by following the instructions that you will see when you go to the STORE tab on the ORCA website (or click on MY ACCOUNT that appears when you move your mouse near STORE, or click on the little "v" arrow next to STORE). For setting up an ORCA online Store Account, no club membership is required but REEL TALK Veterans need to know that you have to put in a new user name and a new password for the Store account. They are not linked to your Reel Talk login and should be different. Setting up the Store Account does not change your current Reel Talk login. That all stays the same. It is just the Store Account that is new.

So if you want to buy any of this neat stuff or Renew/Buy an ORCA Membership, set up a Store Account today!

To download your own files from the member's-only online library, buying or renewing an ORCA membership through your online Store Account with Paypal will get you access. For existing ORCA members in good standing that set up a Store Account but didn’t yet renew or buy ORCA Membership via the online store account, then they have to ask the webmaster to get the store account manually adjusted to flag it as an ORCA member account (subject to confirmation by the ORCA Secretary Treasurer). That can be set up as soon as someone (like me) can get around to it..... but nothing happens unless you first set up your own ORCA Store Account.

Many people are setting up their own accounts and renewing/joining/buying books etc without special instructions. Just follow the screen prompts and set up your Store Account today.

The library system has been well tested and re-tested with recent updates and works with Windows (PC) and Apple (e.g. iMac High Sierra OS using Google Chrome browser) desktops. Apple iOS mobile devices (eg iPad) and smart phones (iPhone) work with the Store and Library but you may need to click on the "v" next to the right of the word Store in the main menu to get to the MY ACCOUNT screen.

The online library is still being constructed. There are presently 330+ library files accessible through the ORCA Online Store but we have thousands of digitized files that will be uploaded over time. You can always contact the librarian for assistance for items not shown in the ORCA Online Store Menu.

Contact the Webmaster if you are having issues and we will try to help.
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