ORCA 2020 National Convention

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ORCA 2020 National Convention

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The ORCA National 2020 Meeting in Frankfort on September 16-19 has been cancelled due to the Corona virus and replaced by our first ORCA National 2020 Virtual Online Show. We invite all members to participate in a variety of activities that will occur in various online formats. All activities will take place during the same timeframe of Sept 16 to 19, 2020. All the details are not yet final, but here are some planned activities:

National 2020 Online Auction – a variety of very nice reels will be auctioned to the highest bidder. Both members and non-members may participate. Ron Gast will host this on eBay. If you have reels to donate or auction, please contact Ron.

National 2020 Online Silent Auction – This is a members-only auction held to benefit ORCA, similar to the normal silent auction held at our Nationals. Reels and tackle ephemera may be donated to ORCA and auctioned for the benefit of the club. Contact Roger or Ron if you wish to donate a reel, other tackle, books or items of interest to our members. This auction will take place on eBay.

National 2020 Wine/Bourbon and Reels Show and Tell – One of the most popular events at the National Show has been our “Wine and Reels” social event. This is an event where everyone brings a single interesting reel to the group and in a roundtable format tells the story of the reel and its history and background. We normally have around 30 participants each taking no more than 5 minutes each for presenting and questions. Most of you have seen the various online meetings that enable people to use their computer or tablet camera and microphone to show video of each participant. Zoom or Google Meet or other technology will be used to host the 2.5-hour social time. This is a great opportunity for those members that cannot usually travel to a show to participate in a social time to meet other members and show their best reel. Look for more information on how to sign up for this event in the Fall Reel News and online at Reel Talk and orcaonline.com.

National 2020 Online Seminars – Every year, we have seminars at the National Show, which are presented by experts on a variety of topics, including Reel Restoration, Kentucky Reels, Tournament Reels, NY Reels, and many other topics. We will publish a schedule for each seminar and will enable members to sign up and join a Zoom or Google Meet meeting. Each Seminar will take approximately 1 hour for the presentation and questions and answers.

National 2020 Online Sales – members only – Just like renting a table at a show and selling your spare reels, the Online Sales will enable members to participate in a special Reel Talk Forum to display and sell your reels during the special show times.

National 2020 Online Member Display Show and Tell – just like the wonderful displays of vintage tackle at the National Show, we will have a special members-only forum to display a set of reels and describe the collection. Awards will be given to the best collection display.

National 2020 Vintage Tackle Casting Contest – it may not be easy, but we are considering have a virtual casting content where members submit verified scores to the contest chairman, and we can continue our tradition of awarding the contest winner. There is some precedence for this in the ACA, where local tournament results were submitted for a National winner. Look online for more information on this event.

If you wish to host an online seminar or help in any way, reach out to a club officer or director today. Look for more information at orcaonline.org or the Reel Talk forum or in the upcoming Reel News.
Matt Wickham
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