Seminars for our September Virtual Meeting

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Seminars for our September Virtual Meeting

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Spinning Reels!
Interesting Manufacturing History!
Obscure Reel History!
Kentucky Reels and their History and Owners!

Share your knowledge of one of these topics - or another topic of your choosing - and present a 40-45 minute seminar at our September Virtual Meeting that will take place instead of the National in Frankfort KY. The Seminars will be presented Thursday and/or Friday, September 17 or 18 via the Virtual Meeting Platform: Google Meet. They will be moderated by Matt Wickham and other members to be identified. You will have the ability to practice with your moderator beforehand.

ORCA Members may choose to use Power Point and talk from slides or present “free form” and show your reels and other subject matter live. Members who are watching will have a chance to ask questions.

This is an opportunity for all ORCAns to meet members who have knowledge in a certain field of Reel History - members who have been unable to attend a National meeting or felt intimidated by a live audience. We want to hear about your reel collection and the history that you have discovered. You don’t have to worry about stage fright!

Please contact me, Betty Barr. I am in the Club Directory or reply via a Private Message from this site.

The Officers and I are very excited about the opportunity that we have to try something different. It is also a chance to interact with our all of our members, especially the ones that we have not had a chance to meet in person. Thank you for your participation and your help.
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