ORCA National 2020 Virtual Show is Live - TIPS

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ORCA National 2020 Virtual Show is Live - TIPS

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The ORCA National 2020 Virtual Show is now Live! We hope you enjoy it and participate. The full schedule is published here ORCA 2020 National Virtual Show Schedule. Please visit the National Display Forum and post your collection!

Here are some tips for joining the seminars and meetings:

1. Make sure you use an updated supported Browser to join Google Meet. Chrome or Edge is recommended for the least trouble. Safari and Firefox latest versions are OK, but IE11 requires a plugin. Don’t wait until the meeting is about to start before testing your browser!
2. Test and Practice with Google Meet by starting your own meeting at meet.google.com. Press New Meeting-> Start an instant meeting -> Join Now.
3. Anytime you join any meeting, the first thing you should do is set your video to HD.
a. Click at the bottom of the browser window
b. Click Settings (the gear)
c. Click the Video Tab
d. Click the dropdown next to Send resolution and Receive Resolution
e. Change the values to High Definition (720p)
f. Click Done
4. Ensure you have good lighting in FRONT of you, no lighting behind you visible directly in
the camera. I use a couple of lamps in front on my direct left and right.
5. Ensure you have the camera raised up to eye level. Most people with a laptop have to
sit the laptop on a stack of books or a box. Camera angle is better the higher it is. No
one wants to see up my nose (or yours).
6. Learn how to mute and unmute your microphone! A moderator can mute you, but
cannot unmute due to Google privacy policies. Look at the microphone icon at the bottom of the meeting window, and if it is Red and has a bar through it, you are muted. To unmute, just click the red microphone.
7. Please close your doors and keep background noise down(dogs, kids, spouse, outside).
8. Do not join from multiple devices in the same room, there will be feedback.
9. If a moderator detects feedback due to your connection, you will be muted.
10. Everyone may be muted to start the meeting. You may choose to never unmute, or you
may choose to unmute to ask a question or participate.
11. If you are in a large seminar and want to ask a question, use the Chat icon at the top to
type and send the question to the moderator. They will recognize you at the appropriate
12. Remember that in a large group, you must frequently yield to the moderator, presenter
or other participant. Please be courteous and try to get into the flow of the meeting.
13. Learn how to change the layout of your screen so that you can see the most people. Use
the at the bottom of the browser window and Change Layout.
14. For more information about Google Meet prior to the meeting, please review the
information at https://support.google.com/meet/?hl=en#topic=7306097
15. Have fun, we are all learning how to live in this new virtual meeting world. Mistakes and
problems will occur, bear with us.
Matt Wickham
Collector of Casting Weights, KY Reels and KY Tackle
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