ORCA National 2020 Show Update

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ORCA National 2020 Show Update

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I hope everyone is enjoying the Virtual Show. I love the virtual exhibits, and it is not too late to post something from your collection. Today (Thursday) starts the Virtual Seminars at 2 PM, and anyone with a browser can join and listen. The seminars and meetings continue Friday starting at noon eastern. Please take the time to join the meeting. Remember that to join the meeting on your computer, you just have to click on the right meeting link in the schedule. Someone asked me if every meeting link was different, and yes, each one is unique and if you don't click on the right event you will not be able to join the correct meeting.

One change I was going to make to the schedule was to open up the National Sales Forum on Friday, to enable people to post reels for sale early, so that Sat and Sun we can have some volume. Please take the time to participate in the sale, either as a buyer or seller.

We also hope to see you and talk to you during the Bourbon, Wine, and Reels meeting on Friday. This is a unique chance to meet fellow collectors, some of whom we never see.

And if you can only attend 1 event, please attend the Annual Member Meeting Saturday at 6 PM. ORCA is your organization, and we need your support to continue. Attending the member meeting is important to our club.
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