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Member Profile-Paul Rinald

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Greetings all. My name is Paul Rinaldi and I'm a boating/fishaholic from Carpinteria CA. Just south of Santa Barbara where I grew up. Long story but the short version is....
I'm currently 55. I have identical twin 17 year old boys at home and a 19 year old son. Today is his B day, who just went away to UCLA a month ago. Ahh decisions, decisions ! To turn his old room into a sewing room or a fishing man cave ?
Well in this ONE case, I won out. Had a few old things laying around. A British Seagull outboard and a few other things.
Then, my neighbor, a Mr. Wilson of sorts if I may, who is the reason for my addiction, but thats another story, asked me to get some info on an old reel of his. One of many. Basic web search, Ed from Antique reels, and next thing I know, I've got an EVH 621 9/0 in a million pieces, an EVH rod, a rare bamboo pole and more !! I practiced on a Bakelite Ocean City "Beach City" and it came out very nice.

I have THE Cabo Cuddycon 226 that you may see in the old brochures. Was named Snickelfritz. A nice "vintage" 1989 boat with an new Armstrong bracket and 2018 F300 Yamaha. Did all the work myself. And a 16' Bayrunner skiff with a 2015 Honda 40. I don't believe in vintage drivetrains when on the water and lives are at stake.

I hope to have something to add to this wisdom of this site. I may have some question to ask after I have exhausted the archives. Will also post my Beach City and EVH progress when I can.

Thanks for your inclusion all.
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Re: Member Profile-Paul Rinald

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Welcome, Paul! Sounds like you are diving head-long into the hobby and learning about the reels from the ground up! The archives are full of info and the club sells lots of helpful books that can be found in the store. However, if you have questions or problems, feel free to post here and someone will jump up with an answer! Note also that this site is supported by ORCA and open to the public, but you might consider joining the club and gain all the info to be found in the reel news.

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Re: Member Profile-Paul Rinald

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Welcome, British Seagull brought back memories it was a standard issue motor to the British Army in 1968 as I remember doing a few hours training on them, tear down and reassemble fitting it to an inflatable and then across the lake in darkness.
Well done with the man cave.
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