The age-old question...

You got 'em, we know how to clean 'em
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The age-old question...

Post by Steve »

For those of us who argue about whether or not to remove a reel's patina, this article gives us some talking points.

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Re: The age-old question...

Post by kyreels »

Definitely worth the long read. It touches on many things discussed here. I think this quote from the article was on target.
human connoisseurs decide whether the kind of patina is advantageous or not (Christie’s 2015, Omega forums 2017)
Different attitudes can co-exist, as long as there is a demand from collectors.
By and large, the reel collecting buyers seem to prefer a cleaned and restored reel in most cases, but not all. I find myself influenced beyond my personal preference to polish reels for sale beyond what I would prefer in my collection. But the call for some restraint is wise.
Matt Wickham
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