Bass pond algae treatment

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Bass pond algae treatment

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Of the three ponds only the bass pond has a floating algae outbreak this spring, likely from all the organic matter from the trees that fell. I’ve tried everything over the past 25 years and Cutrine-plus algaecide through a pump sprayer works best for me.

I mix it about 10:1 with tap water; pond water clogs the sprayer. Cutrine+ is good for even potable (drinkable) water, which sold me on its safety for the frogs and bait fish minnows.

On the pond banks, you can see the yellow lilies getting ready to bloom in a few weeks.

Cutrine is a deep blue color and you want to spray it all over the floating algae.

It should take a few days to work. Fingers crossed, because this is a bad outbreak.
Mike N.
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