Removed the Quick Reply Option

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Removed the Quick Reply Option

Post by kyreels »

We removed the "quick reply" option on the message board due to confusion for new members posting photos and using the extended editor functions. If you disagree with this or it causes you issues, then let us know.
Matt Wickham
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Re: Removed the Quick Reply Option

Post by Steve »

Good move, Matt.

Steve Vernon
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Midway Tommy D
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Re: Removed the Quick Reply Option

Post by Midway Tommy D »

Great idea! It really never bothered me but I could never figure out a real benefit of having it there.
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Tom DeLong, NE
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john elder
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Re: Removed the Quick Reply Option

Post by john elder »

… and i always started out there, then had to move to full editor so i could add one of those incredibly cute smilies… good call, Matt!
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Re: Removed the Quick Reply Option

Post by Paul Roberts »

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