2022 ORCA National in Frankfort. part 2

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Richard Lodge
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2022 ORCA National in Frankfort. part 2

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Lots more photos here, including the antique tackle fishing tournament today, with photos taken on the Kentucky River and Benson Creek, which feeds into it. Elkhorn Creek was too low for canoes but some anglers chose to wade fish there.
Also, a lot of us attended a reception and program at a historic Frankfort home, presented by Bill Hinkebein and Art Lander, who wrote the book A Brief History of Baitcasting, Bass Fishing and the Kentucky Reel, complementary copies of which were given to all those who attended.
At the canoe launch, Craig Barber and Henry Caldwell climb on board while Jim Schottenham rigs up his rod and reel.

Tom Harwood, my able guide and sternman, with paddle at the ready...

A ... ummm.... fish.

We saw lots of wildlife, including kingfishers and turtles.

It wasn't all fishing with rods and reels. These two gents were magnet fishing from an old bridge. They hauled up at least one rusty pipe and maybe a couple George Snyder reels.

(But not this one. It was part of the show and tell by Bill and Art)

Bill and Art got a hearty round of applause for their presentation and contributions to the understanding of Kentucky reel history.
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Re: 2022 ORCA National in Frankfort. part 2

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Thanks for the photos, Richard! Looks like everyone is having a great time.
Brian F.

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