2022 ORCA National in Frankfort. part 3 FRIDAY photos

Get the latest on this year's upcoming convention or read about last year's
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Richard Lodge
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2022 ORCA National in Frankfort. part 3 FRIDAY photos

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Lots of reels, informative seminars and things happening at the convention this week. Here's a few more photos, with lots more to come (and more in the November Reel News).
This morning's Breakfast with the Board, with ORCA Secretary/Treasurer giving the financial report. Roger was honored at the Friday night dinner for his 26 years of service as secretary/treasurer of the club.

Craig Barber and Roger checking out some reels in the show room.

President Ron Gast, from left, Dave Erickson and Henry Clough check out a reel that came in the door and will be auctioned on Saturday.

John Elder, left, and national distance casting champion BL Farley check out the special reel BL used for competitions.

Colby Sorrells' modified Mitchell 408 reel, set up with a 16:1 retrieve.

Jay White compares an image on his smartphone with a reel in a display on the show floor.

Henry Caldwell discusses the many variations of John Kopf reels, with a Kopf display on the table in front. Henry, Craig Barber and Roger Schulz are collaborating on a book on Kopf, due for publication in 2023, and they gave a talk on this Brooklyn, N.Y., reelmaker on Friday.
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Mike N
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Re: 2022 ORCA National in Frankfort. part 3 FRIDAY photos

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Thank you, Richard. Just a great bunch of collectors. I just got back from my daughter’s wedding rehearsal and welcome party and was glad to see this thread. Please keep us all updated.

PS I would appreciate close ups of BL Farley‘s reel that John is examining as well as that very cool “bicycle chain” and sprocket on Colby’s modified Mitchell.Thanks.

Mike N.
Mike N.
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Re: 2022 ORCA National in Frankfort. part 3 FRIDAY photos

Post by spadej1 »

Being a huge Mitchell fan, I also would like to see/know more about that ultra-high speed Mitchell 408 of Colby’s! Thanks for keeping us in the loop on the show!
New to reel collecting so bear with me please. I like reel deals!
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john elder
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Re: 2022 ORCA National in Frankfort. part 3 FRIDAY photos

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I was too busy looking and chatting with BL’s and didn’t get a pic, Mike, but the mechanism was very similar to the reel on the left of pic below

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Re: 2022 ORCA National in Frankfort. part 3 FRIDAY photos

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chain gear 308. a lot of confusion as to where it fit. Bill Burke built this as a neat gimmick.

it WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN APPROVED as a use in competition.if it jammed u were s---ded in competitipn.

there were custom gears in reels to speed up retrieve. a close friend of mine wulf gang fiege, a GREAT german caster sneaked me 1 in a cake, his wife ulle baked me and brought robin as a gift. had he been caught, he would have been thrown off the ger. team.. they didnt SHARE. they were on salary by the sports federtion. they did not work. tuff bunch.!!!!!!!!!

show bill burke's GREAT tool and die ability played with it,for fun. didnt ever see it in years gone by. Dave Roberts (close friend of bill's) was kind to bring it to a show. all international events were on a clock. lock up and u were gone.

i will help anyone who wants to know about my gear, as matt has most of it.

ALL MY SALES AT BOTH ORCA"'S and all personal sales went to the 5th Spec. Forces widow's & orphans Organization.

fun seeing all this stuff and a bunch of guys who were as twisted about old casting stuff as i was.

cheers all

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