ORCA National Convention 2022

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ORCA National Convention 2022

Post by RandyAnderson »

What a wonderful few day's reel collectors from around the United States enjoyed at Frankfort. Don & Betty were magnificent host and shared with the group their OUTSTANDING Kentucky reel display at the Frankfort Museum. If you are in the vicinity of Frankfort you should visit the museum, you will be blown away. The collections of Kentucky reels shared in the display hall were unbelievable. The Gayle fly reels were mine boggling, Coach Tom and Dave Erickson each shared terrific collections of Kentucky reels. Others shared unrestricted casting reels, and a monster collection of early Plueger casting reels. I have to recognize the unbelievable collection of pre 1900 Kentucky reels of Doug Carpenter. Doug's collection features many handmade reels from Kentucky that are unheard of in any publication.

On a sad note, ORCA longtime secretary-treasurer Roger Schultz announced his retirement. Roger has been the face of ORCA for 27 years and we thank him. On a bright note, Roger has been working with Bryce Tawney to take over his duties.
If you know Bryce, you know we will continue to be in good hands.

Thank you to all for a wonderful few days,
Randy Anderson, Life Member ORCA
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Bill Muth
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Re: ORCA National Convention 2022

Post by Bill Muth »

I would echo all of Randy Anderson's comments. Outstanding show, well run, and great to finally see several collectors that I have known for years but never met in person, especially Dean Smith and Terry Ow, who put up with me the entire week. The displays were unbelievable, Don and Betty's museum exhibit blew my mind, and the presentations were all outstanding. Randy's just-published Talbot book might be the best reel book I have ever seen. It is a must have and quite frankly a bargain.

I managed to pick up a few things for the Horton collection and have apparently officially started down the path of assembling a small but mighty Meek & Milam collection to surround the M&M No. 7 that I acquired last year.

Wanted: Horton, Bristol & Meek reels, reel boxes, and catalogs!!!!
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Re: ORCA National Convention 2022

Post by reelsmith. »

Bill, you are very easy to put up with ! :lol: ...hard to believe our paths had not crossed sooner.

Attending the show was like being a kid stuck in a candy store for days. Most of the candy was made in Kentucky, so I brought a piece home ...

My thanks to all who made the show possible and to everyone that attended for making it such a good time.

Wanted: Kosmic Items, Small Leather Fly Reel Cases, Early Fishing Related Bottles, Fly Reels and Pre-1900 Angling/Casting Medals.

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john elder
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Re: ORCA National Convention 2022

Post by john elder »

I want to add my thanks for the efforts of Betty, Don and Matt in putting in a really memorable ORCA convention! Great activities and displays along with informative seminars served to compliment the real purpose, which was to get us all together to swap tackle and enjoy each other’s company. The incredible display at the Capitol Museum that Betty and Don put together alone made it worth the trip… the bourbon didn’t hurt either! I can’t wait for the trip back to Lake George next year so we can do it all again!

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Re: ORCA National Convention 2022

Post by kyreels »

Thanks to everyone that attended. The Crafting and Casting event was a big hit, and you can purchase the book documenting the exhibit even if you cannot go. It is a great addition.

It is great seeing everyone in person. There is no substitute for the social time face-to-face. The reels you brought and posted are great to see. I managed to pick up several great reels, including a BF Meek #4, a BFM&S 44 second model, and an ABU unrestricted reel. The presentations were great, and we will be posting some video later.

Randy's book on Talbot is a tremendous book, but the first printing may have sold out at the show. Contact him for any info on ordering.

I will be posting my presentation in the Library (should be there now under Meek) and will try to get Don's and any other available ones to post.
Matt Wickham
Collector of Casting Weights, KY Reels and KY Tackle
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