Fishing the Elkhorn - ORCA 2022

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Fishing the Elkhorn - ORCA 2022

Post by kyreels »

The Elkhorn Creek was down this year and the larger ORCA group switched to the Ky River. But Bill McVeigh led myself and Scott Edwards on a 1/2 day wading trip down the shallow Elkhorn. Bill caught 6 nice smallmouths and Chris and I caught a couple each. I also managed a nice little sunfish on a tiny Big O.

I was fishing a crawfish imitation and having no luck when I spotted a cottonmouth snake with a small frog in its mouth. I thought it would be nice to try a live frog, but the cottonmouth would not give it up without some work. I managed to capture the snake in my tackle bag, and luckily I had some Elijah Craig bourbon with me. I poured some Elijah into the bag, which subdued the snake enough to get the frog and release the snake unharmed. I proceeded to try the frog out, with no real luck. However, when I turned around, the Cottonmouth approached me with some degree of anticipation, and he had two more frogs in his mouth.

All-in-all a good day on the water.
Matt Wickham
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Re: Fishing the Elkhorn - ORCA 2022

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Great story, Matt.
Brian F.

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Re: Fishing the Elkhorn - ORCA 2022

Post by Steve »

Matt, I hope you can find a cottonmouth with less expensive taste. You definitely spoiled that one.

Steve Vernon
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