Candidates Needed for Officers in 2023

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Candidates Needed for Officers in 2023

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It’s now time to mention the upcoming ORCA election of Officers that occurs ever other year on odd numbered years. So, for 2023 the election of President, Vice President, Newsletter Editor and Secretary/Treasurer will occur. The new Officers assume the roles on July 1, 2023. Two of the positions are planned to have candidates that are unopposed. The first is Richard Lodge for Newsletter Editor. He has done an outstanding job in that position and wishes to continue. Similarly, the Office of Secretary/Treasurer will be assumed by Bryce Tawney. His background is in accounting and has volunteered to fill this position. Roger Schulz is retiring after serving as the Secretary/Treasurer for 26 years. Well done, Roger. We still need volunteers to serve as President, Vice President and to replace Bryce Tawney as a Board of Directors member. Anyone interested in these positions need to submit their name to me before December 31, 2022 per the ORCA Bylaws requirements. I’m looking forward to people stepping forward and volunteer to fill these positions. We all need to take our turns volunteering to keep ORCA running successfully.

We need candidates for:

One Board of Directors
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Re: Candidates Needed for Officers in 2023

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per the ORCA Bylaws requirements
See Articles VII and VIII at

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