George W Gary Reels

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Jay White
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George W Gary Reels

Post by Jay White »

George W Gary reels, made in Tocopilla, Chile, designed to fish under the rod, most have a "wishbone" brake, circa 1930s. Shown here are 5 sizes, 8 3/4" dia., 4 3/8" wide spool being the largest. 5" dia., 1 1/2" wide spool being the smallest. The others are 7 1/2" dia.. 6" dia., and 5 3/4" dia. Photos of Gary reels in use. If you have a size or model not shown here, I would be interested.

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Re: George W Gary Reels

Post by RonG »

Boy Jay, you just keep them coming. That's a nice collection of interesting reels.
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Mike N
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Re: George W Gary Reels

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Very nice, Jay.

George Gary reels must be pretty scarce. According to my search I could not find one that has ever sold at Lang’s.

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Re: George W Gary Reels

Post by 54bullseye »

Very nice collection of Gary reels Jay !!! I had one and sold it a few years back and regret it. Nice !!! John Taylor
Nick in NY
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Re: George W Gary Reels

Post by Nick in NY »

They are GREAT REELS... actually 1 of my favorite! I'm aware of 3 other sizes with the smallest having a 4" side plate and the largest having a 9" plate! Crazy thing is all appear to be 1 off hand made reels... The smallest set I owned didn't have the wishbone auxiliary brake but did have star drags like all others... very well made, thought out the last 15-20 years I've refocused on 1 great example from every maker but the last year (not intensionally) I put another full set of Hofe's together... Wish they were Garry's! Tight lines Nick n NY
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Stef Duma
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Re: George W Gary Reels

Post by Stef Duma »

That's a great collection I do recall seeing an example selling at Mullocks auction years ago.
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Re: George W Gary Reels

Post by reelsmith. »

Holy Crap !

Nice little reels you have there, Jay.

Keep the pictures comin' !

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