Shakespear Miller Autocrat reels

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Shakespear Miller Autocrat reels

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Most of these reels have been posted here by them selves before but here is most of the group together. Left to right first is a green 6/0 with counter balance handle. Next the 14/0 same size as the next one a 10/0 and then Ralph Miller's personal reel also the same size. Finally a 6/0 reel with counter balance reel. According to Ed there is another 10/0 marked reel out there some where ????
I think the group looks good together !! Enjoy John Taylor

Here are the 14/0 and Miller's reel handle sides'

Some what corroded but look at the nice hand engraving in Miller's reel !!

and finally the 10/0

I have got all 3 of the big reels so they work as they should. Drags work and like the smaller versions pull reel handles backwards for free spool. Notice the knurling on the spool of the 14/0 !! Again thanks for looking. John Taylor
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Re: Shakespear Miller Autocrat reels

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Very very nice John!
-Chris R.
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Re: Shakespear Miller Autocrat reels

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Great post John, those are great scarce reels. Past ORCA member as well as FATC and NFLCC president Fred Kerr worked for Shakespeare back in the day told me the large 10/0 and 14/0 reels were made for William Shakespeare's personal use shark fishing off the coast of Africa. The reel engraved with Ralph Miller's name came from a fisherman up in Alaska who had been using the reel for halibut fishing up until about 2010.

I saw a red Miller Autocrat many, many years ago and always thought they made the green and red reels for the starboard and port sides of the boat. Since then I have seen a few more green reels but never another red one. Does anyone have or has anyone seen a red Miller Autocrat reel?
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Re: Shakespear Miller Autocrat reels

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Wow! Impressive machinery.
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