1969 Penguin SX205 saltwater reel

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1969 Penguin SX205 saltwater reel

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Hello, all. I'm quite new to restoring old reels, but I really enjoy it so far. I am working on this 1969 Penguin SX205. I have a question about painting it. Or, if not painting it, coating it in some way to protect it. I'm not interested in selling it (I plan to use it, if I do it all right..), and would want to keep it appearing at least as close to the original as possible. I wondered your thoughts on what paint to use or even if to paint it or maybe there is some protective coating or sealer that'd be better, or maybe nothing at all, and just get it into working shape and leave the aesthetics alone. Very curious on any thoughts you might have, and thanks!

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Re: 1969 Penguin SX205 saltwater reel

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Paul, its not really a collectable reel and if you are keeping it to enjoy and use, then it’s entirely up to you as to what you want to do. In general, collectors get weird with repainted collectable reels; not quite as much as lure collectors, but its best to leave the higher quality and/older reels with original paint.
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Re: 1969 Penguin SX205 saltwater reel

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If you actually do decide, as a result of collectability, to repaint the best coarse of action would be total strip down and the powder coat process. If you aerosol it do a total total strip down, prime, auto quality paint and then a clear coat for protection..
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