Car Radio LCD Down

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Car Radio LCD Down

Post by RonG »

The display in my car radio had pretty much faded away over time. Solution: Replace the radio LCD. Whenever I do a repair on an item I haven't done before, I go to YouTube. I actually found a video that tells you how to remove the radio and LCD screen and replace the screen. I love America.

Radio removed

Radio and new LCD

Display PC board and front panel removed

Flex cables removed and new LCD ready for installation

Radio with new LCD installed

Replacement LCD not working so I called the seller and another LCD sent right away at no charge

Radio with new LCD installed and working correctly

Everything else put back together
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john elder
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Re: Car Radio LCD Down

Post by john elder »

Wow! You are a brave lad, youtube or no! I think i’ll stick with Vom Hofes !

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Re: Car Radio LCD Down

Post by Mike N »

I’d rather take an oversized screw driver to a George Snyder reel than attempt that, Ron. Nice job.
Mike N.
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John Savu
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Re: Car Radio LCD Down

Post by John Savu »

That is amazing to me ! I break into a sweat, taking a Pflueger Nobby apart !! :bow:
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Re: Car Radio LCD Down

Post by RAM »

YouTube can come up with some amazing solutions. I tried everything (short of going to the dealer) to get an unwanted display off the screen of my wife’s older Lexus. Finally went to YouTube and a video directed me through a series of inane and seemingly unrelated actions. Then-Shazam! It worked! Display gone! Never give up before going to YouTube.

Bad Bob
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Re: Car Radio LCD Down

Post by Jason »

I bet you can buy a nice reel with the money you saved by not taking it to the dealership. Good job.
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