Nice addition from the end of an era

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Paul M
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Nice addition from the end of an era

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A local collector decided to part ways with this Blue Grass No.3 reel made by BF Meek & Sons, Louisville. I opened the reel to see whether the switch plates were round or blocks. The serial number 1941 marked on the toe of the foot is a later number. The round switch plates are later than the block style so not sure if the reel was made as marked or by Horton in CT with Meek & Son parts. It came to me with a reel marked Horton. My source in Canada got them from another collector.

This reel has significant character marks from use. One faceplate screw was replaced by a previous owner and the grasp has a major age crack so it’s not the nicest specimen but it is a nice nickel silver reel that has seen plenty of action. It’s not too dirty so I put it on my shelf as is.

Paul Manuel

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David Lehmann
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Re: Nice addition from the end of an era

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Cool reel and an enigma. The faceplate, with the 6 o'clock handle (old style of the low handle placement) and the relatively low offset serial number both are indicative of moderately early (1905-ish) manufacture. It is possible that it was manufactured by Horton from old parts, but it would be a bit surprising that BF Meek and Sons would have 10-year-old parts still sitting around at the time of the company sale.

Other possibilities are that the reel was "maintained" with newer parts by a fisherman or later, by a collector.
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