Patent Bass Orvis ...

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Patent Bass Orvis ...

Post by reelsmith. »

The owner of this reel must have been darn proud of it as he put a lot of effort into replacing the crank on his Orvis.

This is not a modified crank from another reel, it is scratch made. Note the crank is threaded and the locking nut is countersunk so the spool shaft does not protrude, and is not recessed. Nice attention to detail.

So well done, I don't think I'll try to find an original to replace it.

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Mike N
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Re: Patent Bass Orvis ...

Post by Mike N »

It is pretty close, Dean. I love the screw/tool slot on the threaded washer and the counter-sink.

Here are the catalog description (No.2) and a photo of a balanced handle.

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Re: Patent Bass Orvis ...

Post by RonG »

If a fisherman looses a handle or other part of his reel, he's going to do something because he wants to go fishing. Also if he didn't like the vibration of an unbalanced handle, he's going to do something because he wants to go fishing. This is good example of American ingenuity.
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Re: Patent Bass Orvis ...

Post by john elder »

Very nice job!

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Re: Patent Bass Orvis ...

Post by Midway Tommy D »

I'm wondering if he didn't like the long handle and just made a shorter, more stout, one.
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Re: Patent Bass Orvis ...

Post by Low Profile »

Handle is awesome and made by someone with some serious skill. I wouldn't change a thing unless an NOS handle miraculously appeared in a box lot.

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