April in NY Means Bass & Pike Too!

Share your fishing adventures, especially ones using antique tackle!
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April in NY Means Bass & Pike Too!

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We finally had a weekend with warm non-rainy weather, so I got the boat on the water for the first times this year. On Saturday afternoon, the goal was to verify everything was operating correctly, and I took the boat to a small tributary on Lake Ontario near my house. I was out solo but, of course, had fishing gear with me. Caught an about 5 lb, pre-season smallmouth bass in a wide water area at the mouth of the tributary. She was quickly photographed and returned to the water.

Went back out on Sunday afternoon to show a friend the Lake Ontario shoreline, and--of course--I brought fishing tackle again. Caught a 26" pike in Braddock's Bay--not a monster, but it pulled hard and jumped twice. Both were on modern tackle, but will start fishing vintage tackle again soon!
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Re: April in NY Means Bass & Pike Too!

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Nice catches. That warm weather spell woke up everything. Even the Largemouths were prowling the shallows. But as is typical, mother nature rules and we had snow last night.

Tx, Low Profile
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