Estate / Barn find Penn-Tycoon combo

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Estate / Barn find Penn-Tycoon combo

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First off Thanks Chris Reed for the heads up on this combo !! This came from Gloucester Mass. in the rafters of a garage (thank God) of a guy who fished Tuna in the 1950s and 60s . This is how it was found. It is un cleaned except for the spool. It was spooled with very heavy linen line that was certainly put away wet with salt water as it was crusty and green with corrosion. I wanted to get that off fast so I quickly cleaned the spool once line was off. Luckily the guy must have oiled up the rig often as all the brown you see is dried up oil. Even the roller tip on the rod still spins easily.

It's an odd Combo Penn with Tycoon Bimini King !! Usually it's Fin-Nor and Tycoon but not always . The rod survived surprisingly well I think ! All wraps are secure with no broken or loose thread. The guy even put a fabric backed putty tape under rod clamp to protect rods thread from clamp.

I am debating just putting on some different linen and leaving the combo as is un cleaned. But the other part of me says clean it all up and pair it with a !2/0 Fin-Nor who knows !! Here it is ! Thanks for looking ! John Taylor

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Re: Estate / Barn find Penn-Tycoon combo

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Great find, John! That rod is way cool!
Love those Open Face Spinning Reels! (Especially ABU & ABU/Zebco)

Tom DeLong, NE
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Re: Estate / Barn find Penn-Tycoon combo

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Nice score! Be sure and report in with pics post cleanup!
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Re: Estate / Barn find Penn-Tycoon combo

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It looks great John I’m happy you got it!
-Chris R.
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Re: Estate / Barn find Penn-Tycoon combo

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Man, that Bimini King by Tycoon Tackle label is the money shot. Just too cool and iconic.
Mike N.
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