Canadian wildfires fallout on fisheries?

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Canadian wildfires fallout on fisheries?

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A lot of sportsmen from my area fish every summer in Canada. This map was in today’s Washington Post. The effect on the people, wildlife and fisheries in both countries has to make it one of the worst ecological disasters of the last 10 years.

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Re: Canadian wildfires fallout on fisheries?

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Wow, That's a lot of smoke.
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Re: Canadian wildfires fallout on fisheries?

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When my wife and I left Colorado we thought we left those wildfires behind, both the threats and reality of evacuation, and the toxic smoke and ash plumes. Not so. We’re in the plume of those massive Canadian fires here in PA as well.

Some photos from Colorado;

Smoke plume from our home. Watching the wind for possible evacuation.

Smoke and ash would often settle in for the night. Dropping thermals at night could have smoke and ash from even distant fires raining down on us. Even if you don’t smell smoke, we’d check for toxic ash by shooting a flashlight beam straight up. Sometimes it looked like it was snowing. So much for stargazing sleepouts.

Smoke plume of fire observed while fishing.Nope, those aren’t clouds.
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