We need a YouTube vintage tackle channel

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Mike N
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We need a YouTube vintage tackle channel

Post by Mike N »

Since the dawn of smart tv’s I watch more on YouTube than I do on Direct TV, Netflix, Apple TV or a few other channels I pay a few hundred dollars a month to subscribe. YouTube is free, of course, and I watch a lot of firewood, fishing, camping and vintage heavy equipment channels, and of course a few that discuss tobacco pipe collecting. Content providers are paid a royalty per every 1,000 views. A young man our kids graduated with from high school has a channel called Diesel Creek about vintage machinery and regularly gets 1 million plus views from which he earns a six figure income from YouTube.

Someone in our hobby needs to start a vintage fishing tackle YouTube channel and make a few bucks.
Mike N.
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Paul Roberts
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Re: We need a YouTube vintage tackle channel

Post by Paul Roberts »

From what I've learned, YT is not easy money. Payout depends on traffic volume and intensity, which requires a high interest subject area and quality content. The gatekeeper is an "algorithm" that essentially requires constant uploading of content. Meaning, it's really not a part time job. Further, quality content and constant uploading aren't an easy mix. Between the two, constant uploading stands a better chance. One can do a bang-up job every other week and not make the cut. Successful YT-er's say twice weekly or more is best. This is why many creators that wannabe-on-TV end up running vlogs. There is one YT-er that does vintage reel repair (often covering old interesting reels), and posts often, but does not appear to be garnering the viewership needed to make much money. Not to be a downer, but... the money is not easy pickings. It would likely be a labor of love. Something many of us in the old reel world likely know well enough.
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Midway Tommy D
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Re: We need a YouTube vintage tackle channel

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I have a friend that makes a living at it but he started out with fishing & tackle & rods & reels and even asked me to do some vintage reel vids with him and some reel service and restoration setups. He quickly moved away from that aspect and switched to camping, state & federal parks, etc. because he got way more subscribers and followers via the camping outings. He does a little fishing while he's camping but his main focus now is on camping.
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Re: We need a YouTube vintage tackle channel

Post by kyreels »

ORCA has a relationship with Google as a non-profit. We have use of many of their products, including Google Workplace tools (cloud and shared drive and almost all their productivity apps). Also we have a Youtube channel which we have set up but not made use of. The reel restoration videos from John Elder are probably the first items we would want to post, but there are others we have.

The issue is to get a volunteer to take on the maintenance and updating of our channel. Anyone interested in doing that, please let me know.
Matt Wickham
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