FOR SALE: 1939-40 Bronson Pirate 750BW in correct box GONE TO A GOOD HOME!

Post your reels, lures, and other old fishing tackle here that you want to sell or trade. Also, post all your wanted items here too.
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FOR SALE: 1939-40 Bronson Pirate 750BW in correct box GONE TO A GOOD HOME!

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GONE TO A GOOD HOME!: 1939-40 Bronson Pirate 750BW in correct box (updated 1/2/24, 1/4/24)

As promised! After getting a lot of help from members here and the Bronson website, I’m offering this combo here at ORCA. I hope a devoted Bronson enthusiast sees this! I found out the 750SW stood for the larger, wide spool model, which this one is!

Responders had a lot of trouble putting a price on it, none to be found that have sold so no sales history. I’ve had no offers- collectors are shy about that, I know. But I've come up with a sort of range for it, and a way to make everyone happy (maybe?).

No more offers— not fair to the shy people. But I’m going to set a price for it and hope for a taker. If there’s no takers in… a couple or few days or maybe a week or so, I’ll reduce the price… a little or a bunch, and wait for a reply again. Sort of a reverse auction? I hope no one objects to this? I’ll keep doing this until the reel finds a good home or until I get tired of it and put it into my “archives”— there to disappear forever! i.e. the last scene in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”!.

Don’t forget- you get to “talk like a Pirate” every time you show it off!

I don’t like to use the word “Mint”, so I’ll just say the reel is “Minty”. No nicks or cracks, no corrosion. Had some line on it and there’s a couple light scratches on the foot so it’s been on a rod, but I think it was taken right off and never used! Spool was FINE under the line, I’ll include the line. Box is real good, some shelf wear & a dent in the bottom, but solid.

I’ll take personal check, or preferably a Postal MO. Reply to me directly via email or message. Comments, questions welcome. Thanks all.

12/30/23 asking $300 shipped.
1/2/24 now asking $275 shipped.
1/4/24 now asking $225 shipped.
1/14/24 now asking $200 + $10 to ship = $210 total. That's as low as I can go. Last call!

Thanks for your patience!
Have fun! Best——- Joe Walkowski (ORCA)

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