How does one remove a Pflueger Bond Quad bearing?

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How does one remove a Pflueger Bond Quad bearing?

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Earlier this month I enquired on ORCA as to where I could find a drive end spool bearing for an old Pflueger Bond Quadruple. I have to say the response was fantastic. In particular, a big thanks to Brian Funai, who came to my aid and kindly sent a parts reel over to New Zealand for me to 'pick over'.
The parts reel has a great, no-slop bearing which I would like to swap over to my reel. Problem is, I just can't figure out how to remove it.
The bearing appears to be 'pressure fitted' and I am reluctant to get out the vice-grips and see what damage I can do. There seems to be a 'squared' circlip fitted to the inside lip of the bearing outer protector ring.

I would really appreciate a solution to this problem. Can anyone out there help?

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the circlip you refer to is a tension spring to hold the oilcap in place in the bearing nut. a 7/16 open end wrench should remove the nut from the bearing which will then push out to the inside of the bakelite headplate, your pix show no thread extending thru the headplate so i am guessing it broke off trying to remove a corroded nut,you may want a bit of penetrating oil on that first and good luck

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