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"get it"

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I just finished reading this edition of “The Reel News” for the second time. Where I particularly enjoyed this one article, so I figured I would sit down and post a message on how great a job these authors did. Before I started to write my post I began thinking perhaps it was not fair to mention this article alone since all the articles are so well done. Which then got me to thinking about all the work that went into each “The Reels News” Which then lead me to, how much work is required to keep this club running and how many different people are involved in there own ways. Then I began to think of my experiences with the Club and it members. How with good fellowship they answer my questions and greeted me at the National show. Then it came to me, this is why Milt is such and unabashed support of this Club he knows, he understands, he gets, it “this is a special group of people who make up this Club and he is proud of it. I am certain my words have not said how I feel, but I think it is not so important since I know that you all will “get it”.
From a very proud ORCA member
George Geiger

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George that was a great tribute to ORCA members. One thing we need to remember to keep the information flowing is that we all need to contribute. Most of our members have a story to contribute. Just sit down and write it. I'll be glad to help in any way that I can. We always have a need for new articles. Just email me if you have any questions.
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