I thought I would share this recent situation I ran into while cleaning a 4000OC Shimano BaitRunner. I had cleaned and lubed 7 Shimano BaitRunners for a customer recently and was just finishing #8, the last one. I reassembled everything as before and gave the reel the spin test. Surprisingly as the spool hit it’s highest point on the stroke there was a “catch or bump” that wasn’t there before. It felt as though there was some sort of bind in it. I took the reel back apart and could not see anything wrong. I performed this assemble and reassemble 4 times with the same results. Finally I decided to take the reel apart one piece at a time and rotate the gears at each piece removed. I found no reason for the catch I was experiencing. I got all the way down to the shaft gear which I removed and rotated 90 degrees. I reassembled everything and, low and behold, it worked like a new reel! The only thing I did was rotate the drive gear for the shaft. I have to believe that at some point with the exact position I had assembled the gears in, that on the travel of everything combined, a possible factory “glitch” not realized before, was found. I don’t know if anyone else has run into this before, but if you find yourself in a similar situation, try a simple gear rotation. It might save you from pulling out what’s left of your hair! Good luck and good fishing!
Randy McConnell

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