Fin-Nor 10/0 pre war

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Fin-Nor 10/0 pre war

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This is an uncommon reel ! It is an early 10/0 "CT" model. It has the early hand engraved logo and serial # 38 and what makes it really cool to me is it has the early drum style drag similar to Kovalovsky's reels.

I believe this to be from 1938 or 39. I personally have only seen two pre war 10/0s, this one and Butch's 10/0 "G" model double crank. I am sure there might have been others but that's what I have seen.

When I got it it reeled kind of stiff / sticky and it was packed with old black grease that had turned very thick headed towards a solid !!!

I am posting a bunch of pictures so enjoy !! And thanks ED !!!

Last picture is the 10/0 next to a 15/0 CT model.

Also notice the brown colored knob which looks original to me.

John Taylor

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Re: Fin-Nor 10/0 pre war

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Thats a really cool reel John. Your knowledge of Fin Nor reels is as impressive as your collection!
-Chris R.
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