Salmonfishing in Norway

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Jacob : salmonfisher03
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Salmonfishing in Norway

Post by Jacob : salmonfisher03 »

Been some time since I have been active here.
Last year I lost my fishing buddy (my dad). He will not be able to join my trips anymore cause sickness.

But life must go on, so I wen back to me beloved river Stjördal in Norway.
This time together with my girlfriend and her daughter.

Hope you will enjoy the pictures from our trip to Norway.

I'm taking good care of the fireplace, with a wonderful view of the river.

My girlfriend with her first salmon ever. Released.

And her daughter with her first salmon ever, also released.

My tackle. G. Loomis rod and a Engelbrekt reel(Swedish made) fly reel.

Waterfall - in the small river Forra. The river next to Stjördal.

Rain is coming :yay

This was all from this trip.

Collecting fly reels from Otto Zwarg, Edward Vom Hofe and Bogdan.

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john elder
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Re: Salmonfishing in Norway

Post by john elder »

Beautiful, Jacob… both the scenery and the girls! It was good that you could get them both hooked up in what must be a pretty tough fishery! Thanks for posting!

Sorry to hear about your Dad… please give him our best.

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Re: Salmonfishing in Norway

Post by RonG »

I wish I was there.
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Re: Salmonfishing in Norway

Post by klonder »

Your girlfriend is Charlize Theron!!
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Midway Tommy D
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Re: Salmonfishing in Norway

Post by Midway Tommy D »

Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Jacob!
Love those Open Face Spinning Reels! (Especially ABU & ABU/Zebco)

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Paul Roberts
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Re: Salmonfishing in Norway

Post by Paul Roberts »

Wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing. Congrats to the girls on their first salmon catches. Sorry to hear about the loss of your dad as a fishing partner. I'm sure he'l be happy to hear about your trip and the girls success. My dad is not very mobile anymore, at age 90. No more fishing. No more golf for him, his strength, arthritis, tremors, and balance are so difficult. So I've made a short 3-hole golf course on our property. We joke that after playing the three holes a couple times it's still a par 72 course. He tires quickly and I usually have to help him back to the car. He remains game though. All the best.
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Brian F.
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Re: Salmonfishing in Norway

Post by Brian F. »

Nice trip, Jacob! Nothing more satisfying than seeing other people catch fish and the smile they get on their faces!
Brian F.

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Mike N
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Re: Salmonfishing in Norway

Post by Mike N »

Sorry to hear about your father; I'm glad you were wise enough to spend time with him and I'm sure those memories will strengthen you.

There is just something about the cold waters of Norway that says, "delicious fish."

Thanks for posting.

Mike N.
Mike N.
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David Lehmann
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Re: Salmonfishing in Norway

Post by David Lehmann »

Spectacular scenery! Thanks for sharing.
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